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A new year always comes with a feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation — or a desire to feel that way! The beginning of a new year is a fantastic time to freshen up parts of your home or complete a renovation project and feel revitalized in the place you are most comfortable. Perhaps a kitchen color update will do the trick — here are the 2023 top color trends for what many say is the heart of the home: 

A single coat of fresh paint can give your kitchen a totally new look. If you’re planning to update your space in the new year, choosing the right color can be a defining factor in transforming your kitchen. Color has a powerful influence on the style, mood, and perception of space, so it’s essential to get it right. It’s also important to note that kitchens can be more difficult to paint than a bedroom or living room, mainly due to the multiple grooved cabinets, appliances, and fittings you’ll have to maneuver around. So, while it’s important that your kitchen feels current, it’s just as important that the color you choose has staying power and is not just a passing fad.

We turned to the color experts to find kitchen paint colors they expect to flourish in 2023, and the overwhelming consensus was nature-inspired hues. Expect to see an abundance of dark greens, warm neutrals, and a flush of soft pink. Luckily, these kitchen cabinet colors are neutral enough to have a timeless quality, so they’re unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Get inspired by these kitchen color ideas from the paint experts themselves.

sherwin williams blush beige

Blush Beige

While nature is definitely the big inspiration this year, it’s not all boring browns and tans. “Homeowners are seeking the feeling of warmth and comfort in their homes,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Our 2023 Color of the Year Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams is perfect for a kitchen space. The blush-beige hue can transform the heart of the home–the kitchen–into a warm and cozy yet energizing hangout space.” She suggests pairing it with other neutrals and earthy materials to create a soothing and balancing effect.

behr beige kitchen paint

Reassuring Neutrals

Blank Canvas by Behr is Behr’s Color of the Year, which their paint experts expect to flourish in kitchen designs. “Neutrals like white, cream, gray, and greige are trending in 2023,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr Paint Company. ‘Blank Canvas is the perfect warm, welcoming white with a transformative power that offers limitless design opportunities,” she adds. She recommends pairing it with Even Better Beige or Tranquil Gray for a cozy, calm, and comforting feel.

green kitchen cabinets

Dark Green

Patrick O’Donnell, color consultant and international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, says bold colors aren’t going anywhere this year. “Dark colors are still proving immensely popular, and none more than our blackest green,” he says. For statement-making cabinets, O’Donnell recommends Studio Green by Farrow & Ball in the mid sheen of Modern Eggshell. The rich shade is evocative of a dark, veiled forest, forging proximity to the natural world. Dark green “will work a treat in a modern urban kitchen and also bring character to a more rural farmhouse style kitchen,” O’Donnell says. “And, while it may feel ‘on trend’ right now, it has enough integrity to stand the test of time.”

Warm Taupe

“In addition to bolder hues, we are seeing a shift towards warmer colors,” says Arianna Cesa, associate manager and color marketing and development specialist at Benjamin Moore. “If you aren’t ready to bring deeper, statement colors into your home, opt for mid-tones with gray or neutral undertones.” She says cozy neutrals—such as Annapolis Gray by Benjamin Moore—bring a blush of color to the space, contributing an organic warmth without being too yellow or saturated. “There is a welcoming, calming quality to colors like this, bringing a sense of ease to a home’s palette,” she adds.

valspar brown tan kitchen

Muddy Ivory

“Continuing into 2023, we expect homeowners to pursue embracing comforting colors that are tied to nature and the outdoors,” says Sue Kim, Valspar director of color marketing. For her, Ivory Brown by Valspar does just that, exhibiting nature, neutrality, and reassuring comfort. The muddy ivory shade “represents the desire to restore the earth in the hopes of a better future and brings an earthy sense to any room,” Kim says.

sherwin williams green paint color kitchen

Nature’s Neutrals

Like any other trend, this year’s top kitchen paint colors are influenced by the changes we’re experiencing in society. “Green took off last year because it represented the growth and revitalization we were all seeking after a period of uncertainty,” Wadden says. And paint manufacturers expect homeowners to continue to embrace green hues in 2023, especially in the kitchen. “The tone and feeling of green are extremely versatile,” she says. Whether you use your kitchen for cooking, entertaining, or relaxing, “a saturated green like Succulent by Sherwin-Williams provides balance and can work for anyone.”

Farrow and Ball blush kitchen

Dusty Pink

‘The surprising color having a moment right now is gentle, soft pink,’ says O’Donnell. Not the sweet candy or bubblegum type pink, but the elegant, refined, and muted kind with dusty gray undertones, like Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball. The subtle yellow pigment gives the dusty pink shade a glowing warmth and softness. “Team it with a gentle off-white, such as School House White by Farrow & Ball, on your walls and ceiling to keep the flow of gentility through your kitchen space,” O’Donnell suggests.

Dramatic Graphite-Green

‘We are seeing consumers bring bolder hues into their homes,” Cesa says. “Kitchen cabinets are the perfect place to introduce more saturated colors if the rest of your home’s palette leans more toward light neutrals,” she says. For statement-making cabinets, she recommends a deep graphite green, like Ashwood Moss by Benjamin Moore, introducing the perfect blend of organic meets drama. “Depending on the lighting and surrounding colors in the space, it can cast more gray, black, or green, awarding it the versatility of a neutral and soothing quality of earthy hues.”

Cozy White by Valspar

Cozy White

“The colors we choose for our home reflect how we want to capture positive moments and make them a lasting experience,” Kim explains. With that in mind, she predicts Cozy White by Valspar as another trending kitchen color. “Soothing and comfortable, this color evokes the warmth and security that come with being in familiar and comfortable surroundings.” Add depth with warm wood tones and other natural textures.

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