Create Your Own Private Oasis: Bathroom Renovation

May 1, 2023 10:11 pm

Private Oasis: Bathroom Renovation

For most folks, the day starts and ends in the bathroom. Whether beginning your day or settling in for the evening, it feels so much better when it is in a space that you love to be in. A bathroom renovation or refresh is one of the best things you can do both for the return on investment, as well as your mental wellness. While bathroom renovations can feel like a daunting task, they are also an exciting opportunity to transform your space into a luxurious and functional oasis. Whether you’re renovating a small powder room or a master bathroom, there are a few key things to consider to ensure a successful renovation, and our KBW team is excited to go through the process with you. Remember, our showroom is open to the public and has the best prices you can get — come visit us and we will assist you every step of the way!

Bathroom Renovation

  1. Plan your layout: Before starting any renovation, it’s important to plan out your bathroom layout. Consider the size and shape of the room, the placement of fixtures like the toilet, sink, and shower, and any storage needs you may have. A well-planned layout can make the most of your space and create a functional and comfortable bathroom. We are proud to offer Zoom appointments where we can virtually join your home, listen to your needs and wants, and offer suggestions on the best pieces for your new bathroom.
  2. Choose your fixtures: Once you’ve planned your layout, it’s time to choose your fixtures. This includes everything from the sink and toilet to the showerhead and faucets. When choosing fixtures, consider both style and functionality. Look for fixtures that fit your aesthetic and provide the features and performance you need. Our showroom has everything you need from faucets to vanities allowing you to browse our selection of high-quality products in a stress-free environment.
  3. Consider lighting: Lighting is an important element in any bathroom renovation. A well-lit bathroom can create a bright and inviting space, while poor lighting can make the room feel dark and unwelcoming. Consider what you predominantly use your bathroom for (i.e. make-up application, unwinding in a soaker tub after a long day, etc.) and use a mix of overhead lighting and task lighting, such as vanity lights or sconces to ensure all of your bathroom needs are met.
  4. Choose your materials: The materials you choose for your bathroom renovation can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Consider materials that are both durable and stylish, such as porcelain tile, quartz countertops, and natural stone. Choosing materials that you are naturally drawn to will help to ensure consistency in the overall aesthetic and help to avoid choosing elements strictly due to trends.
  5. Add storage: One of the major benefits of a bathroom renovation is you can intentionally include storage that exactly fits your needs. Consider built-in storage solutions like shelving, cabinets, and drawers to keep your space organized and clutter-free. When there is a spot for everything in your bathroom, you can be sure that it will always feel like your little oasis.

Private Oasis: Bathroom Renovation

Renovations are an exciting opportunity to design your space exactly how you have always dreamed of! Our showroom has everything you need for your reno, and our experts can help guide you in choosing pieces, finishes, and fixtures that are not only going to compliment your space but will truly dazzle you! With virtual or in-person options, working with our team has never been easier! Visit our IG page or give us a call at 954.345.4642 to see all that we have to offer! 

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I needed to remodel my master bathroom and I wasn’t exactly sure of the design I was looking for. I visited KBW and their expert knowledge showed me enough options to make my decisions so much easier They had the most gorgeous bathroom gallery. It was a pleasure doing business with David at KBW and his knowledge and understanding of my needs I want to thank you again David and I would recommend this gorgeous showroom.

Robin S.

Its great when you run into a small business that provides service much better than the big guys and this is what Kitchen Bath Warehouse does. We recently remodeled our bathroom and they assisted us in picking out the right vanity. Home Depot and Lowes didn't even carry these great designs. Kitchen Bath Warehouse also stood with us to ensure the manufacture quickly replaced our vanity top when it was delivered broken.

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Very detailed oriented, friendly service & extensive knowledge in all facets of bathroom & kitchen renovations and modern remodeling.

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